About Us

About Us

Our mission is to conveniently make available to our global customers the leading brands and finest quality products and gifts from all over the world. Our products range cover Technologies, Airplane Models, Crafts Items, Advertising products etc. at affordable prices.


For this we strive to bring to the forefront, the unique people, skills and products that market demand us.


Jary International has a big database of products for the selection of our shop-a-holics. Our goods are available for perusal and purchase online because we know there's a lot of shopping to be done but no time to do it, which is one of the biggest woes of life. So with our website one can shop to their heart's content each with just a click of a button.


We host products from a wide range of brands/vendors/sellers so that our customers get ample selection choice. We at jaryinternational.com ensure that you get quality items so you never have to worry about the quality of your purchased goods.


A Brief History

Jary International is an online shopping store based in Lahore, Pakistan and was established in 1996 with different nature of business. By passing the time, our nature of business gradually changed as per market demand. Now, we known as online shopping store.

We have expanded our product line and made great vendor relationships on our way, all along trying to maintain the highest service quality for our customers. Whether these customers are from Pakistan and around the world


Now after the success of jaryinternational.com in becoming a brand of trust and prominence for Pakistanis all over the world. 



Our Beliefs:


  • we believe in Equal Opportunity Employment We pay fair prices for all our merchandise to our vendors.



  • We offer products which reflects current fashion trend.



  • We promote fair trade.



  • We use marketing strategies and messages consistent with our mission and ideals. Our ideals include responsible lifestyle choices, customer satisfaction and providing quality products.



  • We seek integrity in all our actions and relationships.


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