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Hand Massager
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After working hours and fatigue stress, massage is one of the effective ways to regain mental health. Portable body massage machine Supper Life combines the effects of treatment with massage and infrared will feel relaxed dispel all fatigue pain, helps blood circulation in addition to ability to dissolve fat you are not the owner, but also a healthy body is slim physique, good looks.

Top 3 Types of massage comes round, tip & head with suitable positions have different effects on the body is deep aching pain, excess fat and dispel fatigue. Users simply select the correct massage on demand, very convenient.

When powered on, the infrared lights glow, users simply turn the speed control knob and set up positions on the high the.May effect with reduced muscle fatigue, neck shoulder pain, back ... Only after 5-10 minutes of use you will feel the effects right away by giving the machine. 

Infrared heating lamp helps the blood vessels in the skin exposed, for better results in stimulating blood circulation, relax & health promotion.

Supper Life Massage machine is made from ABS plastic case with characteristics hard, durable, impact resistant and good vibration reduction and sisters can rest assured about the durability of the product occurs during the small bumps used. 

It has a compact design, weighing only 0.8 kg so it is very convenient to move and store.

The massage head is made from ABS plastic rounded, without causing scratches or damage to the skin during use. So you can rest assured of their skin when using this machine.

The massage started spinning around 7cm wide shaft with rotation speed up to 500 cycles / minute deep impact on muscle groups to help users reduce the pain immediately & effectively target fat.

You can add essential oils to massage first before using this will help increase the effectiveness of the impact on the body.

Additionally, the product of 1.4 m long power cord so the sisters very easy to move the machine to massage the body. Products used jack 2 feet, suitable for many kinds of socket so you can use this massage machine anywhere.

Product Highlights:

- Compact size.

- There are 3 types of massage, suitable use for the purposes of different areas.

- The massage head is removable for easy cleaning toilet.

- No power consumption, power consumption of just 25W.

- It increases the infrared light massage effect.

- Cable length, 2 feet jack, easy to use.

- Easy to use and highly effective.

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