• Eurofighter Typhoon F2 British Royal Air Force  Ef2000 Hogan Wings 6764, scale 1:200

 Eurofighter Typhoon F2 British Royal Air Force  Ef2000 Hogan Wings 6764, scale 1:200

Airplane Models

Collecting airplane models is not only a hobby but can also be used to gain vast quantity of knowledge. Our models can be used for commercial or personal collection. We offer a huge selection of models along with excellent customer service. As a business our customers buying airplane models around the world is growing day by day and we are pleased that our product quality is meeting the needs of customers worldwide. These models can be a great source of information for one to gather. The following indicates what an airplane model can show:

1- Size of the airplane

2- Scale of the model

3- Numbers of Engines

4- Engine Specifications

5- Registration number

6- Wings design

7- Tail design

8- Landing gears

9- Door details

10- Outer details of an airplane


There are some famous models brands which are recognized by their qualities. Here is some below:

Phoenix, JC Wings, Hogan Wings, Aero Classics, Herpa, Gemini, 

Scale of a model

There are different scales of models available on our website. Scale of airplane model such as 1:400 means 400 times shorter than actual aircraft. Here are some examples

1:400 (400 times short)

1:500 (500 times short)

1:200 (200 times short)

1:100 (100 times short)

Models for educational purposes 

Our models can be used by educational institutions when students are asked to produce a project. Our models are unique in the sense that students can learn about air planes through using the models. Students can gather information such as:

1- Names of various airlines

2- Different types of designs, of air planes

3- How do airlines fly

4- How to make aircraft models

5- The role of engines

6- Design of Engines

Customized models

As a business we can produce customized models for our customers but for this to happen there has to be a minimum order quantity placed. For further information on customized airplane models please do call us.

Who are our potential clients?

Our end user clients are travel Agents, tour Operator, flying clubs, airports, schools, college, personal collectors and museums.

Eurofighter Typhoon F2 British Royal Air Force Ef2000 Hogan Wings 6764, scale 1:200

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